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A bit of history

Flat Manager was founded by Boris Pavlov in December 2016. The company acquires its first clients in February 2017 and begins to service 4 apartments rented out through Airbnb in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

In the spring of 2017 the Flat Manager launches in Varna, Bulgaria and later on that year it enters into a partnership with, contributing to the platform's expansion into the homes segment of vacation rentals. Throughout 2018 Flat Manager doubles the properties it operates, triples its team and starts preparing for an international expansion. The first office outside of Bulgaria opens in Bucharest, Romania in the beginning of 2019. Around the same time Flat Manager launches in the two other major Bulgarian cities - Plovdiv and Burgas and strikes a partnership with Expedia Group.

Launching FlatAway is a major milestone for Flat Manager and its completion gets accelerated due to the COVID-19 crisis in early 2020. The crisis also speeds up the expansion of services offered, which now cover the complete range of rentals - from short through mid to long-term. 

The next steps include launching Flat Manager in 5 major European cities by the end of 2020. 

Stay tuned. 

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