Mid and long-term rent

The perfect flexible option. Book an apartment for a month, two or a year. We are as flexible as your schedule is. The best part is that you will get a consistent high quality regardless of the location.
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Flexible stays
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Rent an apartment in Sofia for mid and long-term

Mid & Long-term stays

You don't quite fit the norms, right?  Well the norms are quite rigid and we don't like them either. Just tell us what you want, for how long you want it and we'll hook you up! 

We have plenty of other options and we'd be happy to show them to you.
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Top Location

No bad neighborhoods. All properties are within walking distance of the beach.

Secure payments

All our payments are handled by Stripe. Stripe is the premier payment provider for the internet.

Easy Cancelation

Cancelling your reservation is easy. We only have conditions on the time frame of the cancellation.

Flexible stays

You can book any apartment for a day or a year. We are as flexible as you are.

Rent an apartment for the summer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay online?

Yes, we process booking payments via Stripe. They are the leader in the field of online payments and enable us to accept payments securely. 

Can I extend my reservation?

That depends! Best thing to do is to drop us a line, if the property is available we will happily extend your reservation otherwise we will work with you to find a great alternative.

Can you provide a baby crib?

Yes, the cost is EUR20 for your whole stay. For sanitation purposes we don’t provide any sheets for the baby crib. Please, bring your own.

When is the check-in and out times?

Check-in is at 15:00 and check-outs are at 12. We need this time to properly sanitize and prepare the property.

Can I pay via cash?

No, we don’t accept cash payments.

How can I get the Wi-Fi password and name?

The necessary information is provided in the “Top” section in your guide.
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