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Leisure Travel

Discover it. Then live in it for as long as you can.

Not the place. The moment. 

Finding the right place is easy.

Why Choose Us

FlatAway is not a platform connecting you to random hosts. 

You are our guests and we truly care about your experience.

Fully equipped apartments

Wherever you stay, you can call or message Alex - your personal concierge. Alex and the team can solve any problem. No worries!


Your home will be clean and disinfected. We are now applying permanent antiviral coating (nanotechnology) to all surfaces.

Reliable Internet Connection

Always online. All properties are equipped with unlimited WiFi internet connectivity with a minimum speed of 25mbps.

Personalized Digital Guide

Discover the apartment and the area inside out prior to arriving. The guide includes recommendations and discounts for venues and activities.

Summer 2020 is not lost

Check out our homes on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is currently one of the safest summer destinations worldwide with a very low number of active COVID-19 cases.

More Options?

Long weekend getaways

Discover Sofia, Plovdiv or Bucharest

You don’t have to stay home anymore. No quarantine in Bulgaria. Just saying.