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Business Travel

Work from home is dead. Long live work from anywhere.

Businesses and institutions now live in the clouds. You also deserve an upgrade.

Who is this suitable for?

Digital Nomads


Official Persons


film, tv, video

Artists & Productions

Who is this suitable for?

Digital Nomads | Companies | Official Persons | Institutions Organizations | Artists and Film Productions

Why FlatAway

Private accommodation. Fast, secure and entirely digital process.

Executive serviced apartments

Wherever you stay you can call or message Alex - your personal concierge. Request extra services or an airport transfer. Anything really.


Clean and disinfected apartments. We are now applying permanent antiviral coating (nanotechnology) to all surfaces inside.

Fast and reliable internet

Always online. All properties are equipped with unlimited WiFi internet connectivity with a minimum speed of 25mbps.

Personalized Digital Guide

Get all the necessary information prior to your arrival. From venue recommendations to sightseeing trips, the guide has it all.

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Our services are used by multinational enterprises, institutions, embassies and various other organizations.

Enjoy the benefits of a FlatAway Corporate Account

Dedicated account manager who will provide you with custom accommodation solutions.

Discounts for all employees, regardless of whether they are traveling on business.

Up to 60 days of delayed payment and invoicing

and many more…