"Take a Stay-cation instead of a Va-cation, this year."

—Merriam-Webster, Cincinnati Enquirer, 18 July 1944

This is the first record of the use of the word Stay-cation more than 70 years ago.

Staycations, Holistays or Daycations became popular in the U.S. during the financial crisis of 2007–2010 and in the UK in 2009 when traveling abroad became extremely expensive.

But what are they exactly?

In the beginning it pretty much meant enjoying a relaxing period inside the house or somewhere nearby (that’s why they’re also known as Nearcation), without the hustle or the expenses of traveling abroad (no customs, no packing, not spending all of your savings): it’s the perfect balance between taking some time off, going with the flow and relaxing as you would normally do when taking a trip overseas but on a budget.

Apart from being much cheaper than the average trip and helping the environment by reducing plane’s carbon emissions, this type of vacation allows people to discover the beauty and the attractions of their home country, something that we don’t usually do due to the fact that personal life, work and responsibilities get in the way of exploring on a daily basis.

With time, Staycationers took it further and implemented the concept with the help of hotels and rental management companies that decided to lower the prices for such experiences. People started taking short trips to the country side or to the beach to enjoy a completely different view and atmosphere while still remaining close: it became extremely popular in Asia and in Europe to book a splendid hotel or a fully furnished and luxurious apartment to combine the freedom of being in the privacy of “your new temporary home” but with all the comforts that you may not have in your permanent house (spas, pools, room service, terrace, gyms and much more).

The crisis situation, government restrictions, constantly canceled flights and financial instability, combined with our desire to rest, relax and enjoy the approaching summer, are increasingly pushing us towards Staycation tourism.

We at Flat Manager welcome any form of tourism and that is why we have prepared special offers with Jacuzzis, great views, spacious terraces and a bunch of other amenities and beauties that people do not always have in their homes.

Here they are:

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