Restaurants with gardens: Plovdiv, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo - Interactive Map (April 2021)


Here is a list of restaurants with gardens in different cities. At this point in time indoor dining is allowed but so many of you have provided positive feedback for the list in Sofia that we had to make another one. If you want to add a new restaurant in any of the towns below, contact us.

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Open restaurants with gardens in Veliko Tarnovo

Хан Хаджи Николи
address: Ул Георги С. Раковски
tel: 062651291
The green restaurant
The Green restaurant
address: Никола Пиколо
tel: 0887240678
Етно Велико Търново
  Етно Велико Търново
address: Улица Независимост3
tel: 0877003266
Ресторант Иван Асен
 Ресторант Иван Асен
address: Улица Цар Асен 1
tel: 0882650065

Open restaurants with gardens in Plovdiv

 Ресторант Хемингуей 
adress: ул. "Гурко" N10 
GSM: 0894490636
Ресторант Memory
Ресторант Мемори 
address: площад "Съединение" 3 
tel:0894 490 637
Ресторант Айлякрия
address: ул. „Кожухарска“ №3
 tel: 087 616 3666
 Ресторант Паваж
address: ул. Златарска 7, Капана
tel: 087 811 1876

Open restaurants with gardens in Burgas

 DOCK 5 Burgas
tel: 088 512 2225
address: Пристанищен комплекс
GOTi - Family & Kitchen
address: ж.к. Зорница бл. 78
tel: 087 699 5579
address: ул. „Адам Мицкевич“ 3
tel: 087 761 6166
address: Магазия 1, Морска гара
tel: 089 875 6308
Flora Bar & Grill
address: ул. „Велико Търново“ 11
tel: 089 388 8388

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