FlatAway 2.0 Launch


Today we are officially launching FlatAway 2.0 – our very own reservations website.

This event pales in significance compared to the historical liftoff of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket two weeks ago, marking a new era of commercial spaceflight. However, for our extraordinary team here at Flat Manager launching FlatAway 2.0 is a major achievement and a key milestone on our path to becoming the SpaceX of real estate management.

What was FlatAway 1.0?

The first version of FlatAway was a simple catalogue of our properties which we sent to our corporate clients and frequent guests. During the pandemic we transformed it as part of the Temporary Home initiative, which enabled people to book apartments for quarantine, self-isolation and work.

FlatAway 1.0 served us well and helped us survive during the crisis; FlatAway 2.0 will allow us to come out of the crisis as winners.

What is the difference between FlatAway 2.0 and other online booking platforms?

Well, for starters, FlatAway is not a platform. We do not connect homeowners and travelers. FlatAway’s guests are and will always be hosted by Flat Manager and our teams throughout Bulgaria and Romania (more locations will launch in 2020). Wherever our guests choose to stay, they will always have Alex – our resourceful virtual concierge who is prepared to address any questions and requests.

What else?

  • Free. Airbnb charges guests between 12 and 18%, FlatAway charges 0%.
  • Cheaper. You can find our properties listed on other platforms but the price you get on FlatAway will always be lower.
  • Clean. We created our own software and mobile application which tracks the activity and performance of our cleaning teams. This way we can ensure the preparation of the properties conforms to the Flat Manager Sanitary Standards.
  • Virus-free. We are currently in the process of applying permanent antimicrobial coating to all touchable surfaces in our properties. This is a new nanotechnology which received the German Innovation Award in 2019. The product is called Liquid Guard and is produced by Nano-Care Deutschland AG. Check it out and get in touch with us if you want to have your home treated with it. Note that we only do that for our homeowners and friends; if you are reading this, we consider you a friend. J
  • Digital. The entire process is online and in most cases you won’t even have to meet anyone during check-in. Browse the apartments, pick one, book it, check-in online, get your digital guide with check-in instructions and head to the apartment. Fast, simple, secure.
  • Serviced. All properties on FlatAway have unlimited, fast and free WiFi and are fully equipped. You can email Alex and order an extra cleaning, an airport transfer or a surprise welcome with wine and chocolate. We do love a good challenge so guests are encouraged to share with us their unusual requests and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.
  • Secure. Payments on FlatAway are enabled and secured by Stripe – the global leader in payment solutions which is used by companies like Airbnb and Uber. Your personal data is safe and protected, shared only with the authorities in accordance with the law.
  • Full-range. FlatAway is not a vacation rentals website. We can also accommodate business travelers, digital nomads, official persons, mid-term and long-term tenants. We’ve even shot movies, TV shows and commercials in our properties.

Will there be FlatAway 3.0?

3, 4, 5…space is the limit. FlatAway 3.0 will be the equivalent of the iPhone “S” versions – its main purpose will be to address any issues reported to us by users, add detailed “Help” and “FAQ” sections, further automate the online check-in process and improve user experience through design changes. The most exciting project in the 3.0 pipeline will enable just about anyone to earn money with FlatAway.

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