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Sofia Dream Apartments | Rock'n'Roll двустаен в топ център

Самостоятелно жилище

Самостоятелно жилище
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You don't wanna miss a thing in Sofia? The search for the right place makes you Crazy? Okay, enough Aerosmith hints! Welcome to our rock'n'roll 1-BDR apartment. This outstanding property in the heart of the city will suit all of your needs regarding location, convenience, amenities & more. An audio system is integrated in the ceiling. Ultra fast WiFi connection is covering the entire property. The space is disinfected according to the Flat Manager's standards.

За апартамента

This charming apartment boasts stylish designer furniture, rock around the clock atmosphere, clever touches and excellent equipment. It is located on the 4th floor of a classical historical building in the most vivid part of Sofia's city centre. Practical and cosy, suitable for a couple, 1 + 1 or 2 + 1.

The corridor contains:
• clothes and shoes storage solutions
• a washing machine.

The bathroom and WC are combined and accessible from the corridor. There are:
• integrated audio system
• a mirrored sink
• a walk-in shower with glass partition
• heating.

The common room serves as a lounge, cooking and dining area. There are:
• an extendable sofa
• flat screen TV with Cable TV
• Air Conditioning.

The kitchen area is fully equipped with:
• a fridge
• an oven and hobs with an air vent
• cupboards
The windows can be fully darkened for privacy & comfort and there's access to a balcony for a leap of fresh air.

The bedroom features:
• a big and extra comfortable bed with under bed storage
• two lighted night stands
• a relaxing arm chair
• one more flat screen TV with cable TV
• awesome wall decorations.
• Air Conditioning
• fully darkening curtains
• multi-standard electrical outlets.


На разположение на гостите

Целият апартамент е на ваше разположение.

Връзка с домакините

Екипът на Flat Manager е на ваше разположение през целия ви престой. За всякакви въпроси, не се колебайте да ни пишете или да се свържете с нас на нашата 24/7 спешна телефонна линия.

Допълнителна информация

• If you need to accommodate more people, make sure to check all of our apartments by clicking on our profile picture.
• Паркирането на улиците в района е срещу заплащане.
• The apartment is supplied with bed linen, towels and hotel cosmetics.
• Baby crib is available for 20 EUR/stay upon request
• Please note that the apartment is located on the 4th floor and there is no elevator in the building.


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